Thank you for applying for this project.
The following is the details of the business, please check.

The date and timeSaturday, May 9, 2020
PlaceSakai General Culture Center Small Hall (818 Sakaikijima, Isesaki City)
Participation qualificationResident, working, enrolled in Isesaki City, 16 years old or older
Reception start13:00
Business start13:30
1 copy13:45~15:03
2 copies15:10~16:10
Business end16:30

Business summary

The population of Isesaki City is on the rise due to immigration and employment of foreign nationals.
On the other hand, the declining birthrate and aging of the Japanese population and the decline in the working-age population are regarded as problems.
Therefore, to maintain and develop Isesaki City's economy,
Japanese and foreign citizens recognize each other more than now, as they are the same citizens.
We thought it was necessary to get involved and live together.
Now the business is in two parts.

Part 1

1.Our members will present:
”Why is it necessary the coexistence with foreigners to fight against
Population transition,decline in working age population and aging population?”

2.The Isesaki city hall`s international division will present:
“Initiatiatives taken for our foreign citizen’s”

3.From the top 4 nationalities living in Isesaki City (Brasil, Peru, Vietnam, Philippines)
PR of personality and way of thinking, soul food and performing arts

4.After the end of the PR, participants will give their impressions randomly.

Part 2

1.Based on the results of a preliminary questionnaire by Mr. Ikuo Matsushima, a multicultural coordinatorforGunmaPrefecture willtalk.
In addition he will talk about the purpose of this project “You must become our community leaders”

2.Based on this regular meeting, what can participants do for themselves and how to do it in Isesaki City Discuss whether to work as a key person of multicultural symbiosis Have them consider an action plan.

Request for report submission

We would like you to report on what kind of activities you performed during the three months after the project..
After adding them, we will submit it to the government as a report.